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Best 12 Pressure Points to Relieve Stress

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At times, the stress of daily life can be too much to handle. It can also terribly impact one’s quality of life, personal relationships, and health by causing depression, sleep disturbances, and high blood pressure. Modern medicine is frequently used by people to reduce stress and anxiety, but it also has abuse dangers and long-term health consequences. Acupressure is a healthy substitution. As a rapid and efficient long-term remedy, it applies pressure to particular spots to release stress.


Pressure Points for Relief of Stress

Similar to acupuncture, acupressure is a type of therapy that involves applying pressure with the hands to specific body locations. The following advice can all aid in stress relief.

1. Excellent Rushing

Between the big and second toes, this location can be found just behind the webbing. Applying pressure at this stage aids in mental calmness and improves decision-making since it helps you understand your circumstances better. By regulating menstruation and easing spasms, it can also help to lessen or stop pain, particularly in the lower abdomen.

2. Two Mile Point

A finger’s breadth away from the outside of the leg, between the shinbone and the leg muscle, on the front of the leg, four fingers below the kneecap, is where this pressure point is situated. This spot can be pressured in order to improve energy flow, stamina, and focus. Give both legs a minute or so of pressure.

3. Internal Door

This point is situated three fingers’ breadth above the wrist crease on the palmar side of the forearm, on a line connecting the index and middle fingers. Another pressure point for stress relief protects the heart from chest congestion, excessive stress, cardiac pain, palpitations, and pain in the hypochondrium. It also helps with nausea relief and deep breathing.

4. Outside Door

This pressure point is located between two tendons on the back of the forearm, three finger widths above the wrist crease. This pressure point can relieve eye pain, redness, edema, fever, and headaches. Controlling upper-extremity pain and spasms is another benefit.

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5. Grandfather-Grandson

This point can be found three fingers’ width behind the base of the big toe on the medial side of the foot, in the depression distal to the foot. Acute stomach pain, gastric distention, stuffiness, poor appetite, pain in the upper central and lower abdominal areas, diarrhea, and irregular menstruation can all be helped by pressure at this point.

6. Treasury Central

The pressure point is situated two finger widths above the area where the arms meet the chest. It is one of the pressure points for stress relief, and it also helps with coughing, asthma, wheezing, and controlling the pain in the chest, shoulders, and back. In addition to treating abdominal distention, this point can be used to strengthen the spleen.

7. The heavenly pillar

This point is situated in the posterior hairline at the nape of the neck, one finger’s width below the skull’s base. Dizziness, stiff neck, back, shoulder, and headache discomfort can all be relieved by pressing on this area. Relief from sore throat, nasal congestion, and ligament pain are other benefits.

8. Over the Shoulder

Halfway between your neck’s base and shoulder’s tip, this point can be found on the shoulder’s ridge. It assists with dizziness, headaches, neck stiffness pain, and restrictions in the upper extremities and is one of the pressure points to release stress. Additionally, it aids in labor and improves the breasts (inadequate lactation).

9. Point 3 of the Eye

The forehead, the junction of the nose’s bridge with the forehead, and the halfway between the two medial ends of the brow are possible locations for this point. Among the advantages include relief from headaches, dizziness, anxiety, sleeplessness, epistaxis, or nasal bleeding.

10. Ocean of Peace

This point is situated three fingers’ width up from the breastbone’s base, at the middle of the space between the two nipples, close to the center of the breastbone. Benefits include alleviation from emotional imbalances such as hysteria, misery, worry, despair, nervousness, difficulty swallowing, and many more.

11. Spring Gushing

On the bottom of the foot, this place is situated. Between the second and third toes, a third of the way down your foot, draw a line with your thumb. Put pressure on the region with your thumb, and then knead it for about two minutes. This point helps with headaches, neck discomfort, nausea, vomiting, pharyngitis swelling, tongue dryness, dysuria, and constipation.

12. In-ear shamen

It is possible to find this place in the inner fold, one finger-width below the top of the ear. The internal organs, framework, and processes of the body are better controlled by it. In addition to treating obesity, behavioral problems, addiction, and stress, it also relieves pain.


Hall of Impression Point is the best and safest acupressure point to relieve tension, and it is always safe to use. We are confident that you will apply pressure to these points to help you remain composed under pressure. Please note any other pressure spots in the comments area below if you feel like sharing them.

Some Relavant Faqs About Pressure Points Technique?

1. What pressure points relieve stress?

A pressure point for stress relief is located in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. Hold the position while gently pinching the joint between your opposing thumb and forefinger.

2. What is the number one thing to relieve stress?

The best way to relieve stress is by getting at least six hours of sleep per day, eating a proper diet, exercising regularly, meditation, and staying socially connected

3. What relieves stress quickly?

Meditate. During meditation, you may calm the constant stream of disorganized thoughts that may be stressing you out and focusing your attention. Your mental well-being and general health can both benefit from a sense of calm, peace and balance that meditation can provide you.

4. How can I reduce stress in 3 minutes?

Stress Relief in Three Minutes!
1. Take a comfy seat upright.
2. Keep your attention in the here and now (this is frequently referred to as being “mindful”).
3. Keep an eye on your breathing.
4. Try to make the exhalation phase last twice as long as the inhale by exhaling through the mouth.

5. What can stress do to a woman’s body?

Physical signs of stress in women commonly include. Headaches, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, discomfort (usually in the back and neck), overeating or undereating, skin issues, drug and alcohol abuse, a loss of energy, an upset stomach, and a decrease in interest in sex or other activities you used to like are just a few of the symptoms that can occur. Emotional.

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